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The Celebrity Media Foundation is a tax-exempt, non-profit media organization registered in the state of New York, USA, operating multiple online television platforms, collectively referred to as Celebrity Media.

Celebrity Media's online platforms primarily engage in collecting, editing, and publishing news from various countries around the world, with a focus on news provided to us by the United Nations News Centre. We offer services in the six official languages of the United Nations to people all over the world.


 The Celebrity Media Foundation and PeaceTV are dedicated to promoting world peace and the international affairs of the United Nations.



Celebrity Media Foundation

The Celebrity Media Foundation is a tax-exempt, non-profit media organization registered in New York State, USA, operating an online television network focused on global news, primarily covering United Nations news.

The Celebrity Media Foundation promotes the peace gospel concept of the Prince of Peace, aiming to support international affairs of the United Nations and extensively engage in public welfare activities. The foundation is committed to promoting celebrity images through media and providing a network platform that facilitates communication and interaction between celebrities and the public in the official six languages of the United Nations. The mission of Celebrity Media is to disseminate the voices of celebrities through media, enabling the public to better understand celebrities.

The Celebrity Media Foundation operates with the enthusiastic volunteer and philanthropic support, and our consensus is that it is necessary to discover and support non-profit organizations and projects dedicated to improving global social conditions.

Where feasible, the Celebrity Media Foundation provides financial support for the international affairs and public welfare activities of the United Nations, including offering charitable donations, as well as supporting promotional, educational, and advocacy activities. The Celebrity Media Foundation is committed to the positive progression of global public welfare and encourages influential international charities and celebrities to provide high-standard charitable support for international affairs and public welfare activities.

Celebrity Media TV welcomes news from United Nations NGOs. Please send it to cmfoundation99@gmail.com.


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